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Why Build Modular


   Every step of our building process is quality controlled and follows a detailed construction procedure. A typical Modular Constructed home will have more than 20 hours of inspections. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) ensures the home meets or exceeds all Municipal, Provincial and National Building code requirements for where its going: including our rugged coastal moisture protection and seismic protections.


   Modular construction uses highly efficient assembly line technologies, precision jigs, and they purchase materials in bulk, creating a cost savings upwards of 20% over on site construction.


   A home built using Modular Construction is pre-engineered and designed in every detail and is continuously inspected for building code compliance and build quality during construction.


   A modular built home is not only able to withstand the forces of nature(wind, rain, snow-load, etc..);the inherent strength qualities make it significantly more capable of handling serious forces of nature such as earthquakes and sever wind storms. History has shown clearly that modular construction methods protect the occupants far better than typical site built practices do.


   Modular Construction significantly reduces the build time from the many long months it takes to site build, to typically just 6-10 weeks. The reasoning being that the home and foundation can both be constructed concurrently. This creates saving in loan interest; protects the consumer from possible interest rate hikes and is simply less stressful. Additionally, your new home will not be delayed due to inclement weather during construction since it is being built indoors where the skilled craftsmen(and craftswomen) can build in well lit, safe, warm(or cooled) and dry conditions.

Environmental Impact:

   Our construction materials are never exposed to the elements; which means your new home is protected from problems such as floor creaks, nail pops or worse yet, mould growth. There is also virtually no opportunity for theft, and almost all waste materials are recycled. With environmental concerns front and center these days, Modular Construction leads the housing industry for reducing waste by more than 50% and cuts greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution compared to the long construction period of a site built home.

Guaranteed Price:

   There's no guessing the future price of materials, possible delays or labour increases; which means the price we quote at the start is the same as the final price.


   Homes include a comprehensive warranty; including the industry's only 20 year structural warranty. Homes qualify for mortgage financing just like any home does, including CMHC insurance.